Die Diskussion um die Serie zu Interessenkonflikten im NEJM (inzwischen sind alle drei Teile erschienen) ist nicht abgeflaut. Lesenswerte Beiträge finden sich auch im Blog des Lown Institute. Ein sehr kluges Fazit liefert der Artikel von Shannon Brownlee:

Do I think pharmaceutical and device companies are run entirely by evil people? Of course not. They are working within the rules they’ve been given. Do I think researchers who have conflicts of interest are unethical and greedy? I’m sure some of them are, but most are simply kidding themselves that they can take the money, allow industry to control the agenda, and still conduct unbiased research. As physicist Richard Feynman once said, the first principle of good science is you must not fool yourself, and you are the easiest person to fool.

Lesetipp: NEJM und Interessenkonflikte – continued
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